Do I Need an Executive Coach?

Do I Need an Executive Coach?

If you have doubts whether executive coaching would be useful to you let me ask you a question.

“When was the last time you were able to talk and be really listened to, without limits or ‘holding back’, by someone who is independent, skilled, and knowledgeable in  nurturing your success potential and who’s only concern is helping to make your life/career better than it is right now?”

You may answer by saying you already have people to talk to i.e.:

  • Your manager at work – not independent
  • Your colleagues – not independent
  • Your spouse – not independent
  • Family and friends – not independent

Are you seeing a pattern emerging here? Just think about it a moment and ask yourself if there is anyone on that list you could really say whatever you wanted to without having to think about the consequences of your words? I suspect the true answer is a resounding “No!”

In most situations when we engage in a conversation we have one part of our mind worrying about the consequences of what we are saying to the other person and another part having a totally different (and perhaps more honest) conversation. How often, in the middle of a conversation, have you heard the little voice in your head saying what you really would like to say but then ‘editing’ the words to produce an ‘acceptable’ i.e. minimal fall-out, conversation?

The bottom line is; can you truly and freely express your innermost thoughts and feelings with the people you have in your life? If not, your desired outcomes may be more difficult, or impossible, to achieve.

Enter the Executive Coach!

Executive coaching is about results. These results come from your actions and your actions are driven by your behaviours. Now to really develop yourself and achieve the amazing results you are probably capable of, it is often necessary to be honest (sometimes brutally honest) about all relevant aspects of your life both personal and career. It is also often necessary to change many of those aspects into something more resourceful – which usually requires new behaviours from you.

The role of an executive coach is to create for you an emotionally secure environment in which you can be totally free to be honest and fully explore what needs to be explored – without concern for the consequences of your words! When the executive coach creates such an environment of trust and security you can experience a wonderful sense of freedom that allows you to connect with the parts of you that are holding you back. When this is achieved, the executive coaching will help and support you to resolve these ‘success inhibitors’ and initiate more positive and resourceful options.

Honesty and truth often hurt, but they are the most powerful way to discover and achieve what you really want (and don’t want!) in your life. Executive coaching could be the gateway to the future you have only previously dreamed about.

Contact me, Les Meehan to discuss how we can increase your success with our executive coaching.

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