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Outcome Planning Event Case Study

Is your business leveraging the creative potential of your most important asset – your people?

By understanding and utilising the individual natural creative organisation abilities of team members in your business, you can enhance individual, team and business performance and results. If your teams feel more able to fully contribute to the planning and execution of their outcomes, they will be more likely to overcome barriers to progress and fully understand what they can do to achieve the desired outcomes. With this empowered mind-set they can function in a more focussed and effective way. This kind of focus and effectiveness results in improved business performance, whether that be in critical business marketing projects or enhanced commercial sales, and also additional personal and team benefits.

Maersk Line: a global provider of client-focused solutions

Maersk Line is a dynamic and highly successful organisation providing global client solutions in shipping and logistics. The success of Maersk Line is made possible not only by technical expertise and excellent client engagement and support, but also by cohesive leadership with a focus on individual and team performance. An open-minded approach to team development and performance enhancement led Rune Sorenson, Head of Customer Needs at Maersk Line, to invite Les Meehan, Principal Consultant from Right Mind Solutions, to engage with his marketing and customer needs teams on a 3-day training and planning event.

Desired Outcome for the event

The agreed desired outcome for this 3-day initiative was:

“To work as a dynamic team to produce a one-year outcomes plan composed of a thorough and robust written set of fully tested and agreed end-of-year well-formed outcomes supported by associated sets of agreed quarterly well-formed outcomes together with an outcome relevant immediate action plan for each team member. These sets of outcomes must also embrace the Maersk cultural amplifiers of: Focus-Simplicity-Teamwork.”

This outcome was achieved using a combination of development training in a new planning approach and facilitated team activities.

Clear direction and enhancing team focus

The development training involved three key stages:

  1. Creating awareness of unconscious abilities, behaviour control, and how to define an outcome by learning the ‘Well-formed Outcomes Model’.
  2. The learning of a specialist planning technique called the ‘Timeline Outcome Planning Strategy’ (the TOP Strategy).
  3.  The creation of a visual ‘Outcomes Space Map’ and a ‘One-Small-Thing’ action plan.

Each of these learning sessions utilised various learning strategies: visual presentation, practical tasks, and facilitated discussion.

These learning’s were supported and enhanced by a series of facilitated group break-out sessions in which each team/individual utilised their new skills to produce a robust set of team agreed well-formed outcomes.

Also, during the break-out sessions enhancement coaching was provided at both the team and individual level to augment the psychological learning’s and the practical techniques.

The Results: A clearly defined and agreed outcomes based one-year plan, enhanced team cohesion and individual personal development

The combination of a psychologically tested Outcome Thinking and TOP Strategy technique training, open discussion sessions and task-based break-out activities enabled participants to understand and successfully use a new innovative multi-level approach to how they think about and plan their desired business outcomes. The simultaneous focus on an agreed big year-end outcome and the sets of smaller quarterly outcomes required to reach it resulted in clear direction, new insights and creative solutions in abundance together with relevant behavioural changes.

Also, the intensity of focus and cooperation during the team break-outs resulted in enhanced teamwork and a deeper understanding of the team’s inter-dependency and also the relationships and co-dependencies existing within the sets of individual and team well-formed outcomes they had designed and agreed.

At the end of the 3-day event the team had successfully achieved everything it had set out to do in the outcome statement (see above) and each individual was prepared with an immediate action plan and a high level of motivation to carry it through.

Client Statement

To follow soon.

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