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Managing Behaviours and Influencing Skills Case Study

Is the creative negotiating potential of your business’s sales people being fully developed?

Everyone is, and needs to be, a negotiator! We learn from an early age that skill in negotiating is vital if we are to achieve our outcomes. Any parent will attest to the speed at which even very young children learn how to influence their parents – they learn just which ‘buttons’ to press, and when, for maximum chance of success (“Daddy, I’ll stop screaming if you buy me an ice cream”)! They also learn that when a tactic isn’t working they either have to change tactics or change the person they are negotiating with (“Mommy, daddy told me to ask you for an ice-cream.”) These very basic, but effective, skills are later enhanced and developed into negotiation techniques that will function in the adult world.

A major difference between children and adult negotiators, however, is that adult negotiators usually have much less time or opportunity to study and really get to know their customers before they are expected to deliver results. Therefore, having proven techniques available that enable you to quickly ascertain how a customer thinks and the ‘core values’ they have (which psychological research shows greatly affect their behaviours) will provide more creative options and flexibility at the earliest possible time in any negotiation situation – and more likelihood of success.

TGS Global Sales Team: a global provider of client-focused solutions

Telefonica Global Solutions (TGS) is a dynamic and highly successful organisation providing global client solutions in integrated connectivity technologies. The success of TGS is made possible not only by technical expertise and excellent client engagement and support, but also by cohesive leadership with a focus on individual and team development for enhanced performance. Having a dynamic approach to exploring and enhancing team effectiveness, Sarah Hall (Managing Partner – Telefonica Partner Practice) invited Les Meehan, Principal Consultant from Right Mind Solutions, to engage with her global sales team to explore how business transformation affects customer behaviours; and also to train the team members in advanced practical tools of negotiation to equip the team for the challenges to be faced during their global customer’s business transformation.

Desired Outcome for the event – ‘Managing Customer Change’

The agreed desired outcome for this engagement was:

“This team event is all about the change our global client is going through now and for the next couple of years. I want to give each member of the team some tools to cope with this change, at all levels within the customer.”

Sarah Hall –Managing Partner

This outcome was achieved using a combination of knowledge acquisition, on the theme of managing transformation and change, and practical skills training for understanding and managing customer behaviours. The latter outcome involved learning essential psychological theory and advanced  practical techniques for aiding the negotiation process.

The development training involved three key stages:

  1. Understanding business transformation based on the John Kotter model.
  2. Understanding how a person’s behaviours are created and manifested.
  3. Learning and practicing various skills to more fully understand and influence customer behaviours in the negotiating context.

The training utilised various learning strategies: visual presentation, practical tasks, and facilitated discussion/demonstrations.

The learning’s were supported and enhanced by facilitated practical tasks in which several teams of three individuals utilised their new skills to better understand their team members and how this understanding could be utilised as part of their influencing skills in a negotiation situation.

During these sessions tutor support was provided at both the team and individual level to augment the psychological learning’s and the practical techniques.

The Results: Enhanced team cohesion and individual personal development

The practical tasks undertaken by the team members were not only designed to enhance their knowledge and skills when dealing with their customer(s) but also to create greater understanding and cohesion between the members of what is a truly ‘virtual’ team.

Sarah Hall, the team leader had this to say:

“I love this content – thank you – you have captured exactly what I would like my team to experience with you, keeping it relevant and real, and creating a really interactive session for them. Thank you.”

The team members were fully engaged throughout the session and experienced a new and deeper level of understanding of both themselves and their team mates. They also gained the desired practical and immediately useful tools to add to their existing negotiating skillset.

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