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“Coaching builds success!”

Outcome Thinking & Timeline Planning Program
“Have worked with Les on a number of occasions both personally and with my company. Results every time and a lasting impact from his sessions.”

Rune Sorensen – Head of Customer Needs, Maersk Line (Denmark)

Executive Coaching
“I’ve really enjoyed working with Les and would recommend him and his unique approach to anyone. In fact, if you haven’t undertaken some form of coaching, I recommend you ask yourself why not – everyone can benefit. I’ve worked with him on a 1-2-1 basis and have found his approach to be far reaching and highly beneficial.”

Rob Page – Global Account Manager at Telefonica

Outcome Thinking & Timeline Planning Program
“If you are an individual that believes that results matter, then the Outcome Thinking model is a really good method. For our team at Maersk Line, we established where we wanted to be as a team, as well as what each individual had to deliver to get there. It all started with our “one simple thing”, something that we implemented the day after our workshop. I can say that we still cross reference our progress with the model and not one singular person is in doubt as to what we are here to achieve.”

Stewart Craig – Value Development Manager, Maersk Line (Denmark)

Executive Coaching
“Well Les is a rare find. I have worked with him in teams and more personally in 121 sessions. No BS or Corp Speak. Great, challenging questions, with good follow up, that helps to bring back the perspective that we so often lose.”

Michael Hayes – Director for Europe at Telefonica Global Solutions (Madrid)

Executive Coaching
“I would highly recommend Les and his services having worked with him at both an individual and team level. I have used Les to work with a senior European sales leadership team over the past 12-18 months as well as doing executive 121 coaching sessions myself. He has the ability to work closely with teams, understanding their current challenges and barriers to progress and assist by using new techniques which better enable groups achieve their goals / outcomes and knock down barriers to progress.”

Mark Freer – Head of European Sales Operations, Telefonica Global Solutions

Executive Coaching
“[At the review my boss] told me that he had come to the conclusion (which he had discussed with his manager) that I was ready to be a General Manager. He is now in the process of taking this through HR. It seems I have reached my goal!
I’d like to thank you for your time, Les. It seems as though many things are suddenly going my way. The success I’ve had since my first session with you cannot be accidental and I know that your guidance has played a part. Thank you.”
Update: One month after coaching Christian’s promotion to General Manager was confirmed – coaching outcome reached!

Christian Nakskov – Lead Development, Customer Needs, Maersk Line

Executive Coaching
“I had three sessions with Les and all three yielded immediate and lasting impact. What engaged me in the sessions was Les’ ability to make the session personal, professional and cutting all the hocus pocus out. The sessions were about creating lasting change and results and not about dwelling on the reasons why past behaviour or attitudes were right or wrong. I will gladly recommend Les as a coach to anyone who is interested in improving their future, regardless of their past.”

Rune Sorensen – Head of Customer Needs, Maersk Line

Executive Coaching
“We are always striving to improve and look at best practice in the market. Working with Les allowed us to help our sales leadership team think differently and better understand the impacts “emotions” (EFT) can play on both individual and team performance in business. Les was extremely effective at engaging our people at a team (team dynamic) and individual (121 coaching), provoking positive reactions and impacts immediately in many cases. The level of professionalism and delivery of the coaching means that TMS Europe will be looking at options to roll-out a development programme including Les and his coaching through the year”

Mark Freer – Head of Sales Operations, Telefonica Multinational Solutions

Executive Coaching
“I was introduced to Les at a leadership event and was immediately impressed with his ability to fit in and bond with a completely alien group of senior managers.
Les offers quite a unique method of addressing personal mental hurdles that prevent performance improvement; and in the right environment his methods can deliver tangible results.
I look forward to working with Les again in the future.”

Ian Rhodes – Head of Customer Services, Telefonica Europe

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