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Telefonica Multinational Solutions – Case Study

Is your business unlocking the potential of your most important asset – your people?

By understanding the emotional dynamic of teams in your business and the emotions affecting individuals, you can improve both personal and business performance. If your team feel more able to overcome barriers to progress and understand what they can do to achieve this, they will operate and feel more effective. With this comes improved business performance, whether that be commercial sales or critical business projects, and potential personal benefits which can help work/life balance.

Telefónica Multinational Solutions: a global provider of client-focused telecommunications

Telefónica Multinational Solutions (TMS) is a dynamic and highly successful organisation providing global client solutions in the hypercompetitive telecommunications field. The success of TMS Europe is made possible not only by technical expertise and excellent client engagement and support, but also by cohesive leadership with a focus on individual and team performance. An open-minded approach to performance enhancement led Michael Hayes, TMS Europe Director, to invite Les Meehan, Principal Consultant from Right Mind Solutions, to engage with TMS Europe’s senior leadership team in March of 2012.

Identifying and removing performance inhibitors

The main objective of this initiative was the unlocking of individual potential through intensive exploration of individual performance inhibitors and team dynamics through the adoption of selected wellness-centred management strategies.

Unlocking individual potential and enhancing teams

The development process involved an awareness raising session comprising of a presentation, practical tasks, and facilitated discussion of how ‘EFT Potential Coaching’ can improve individual and team performance.

This was supported and enhanced by a series of intensive individual coaching sessions in which team members explored issues, both work and personal, related to their own performance. These latter sessions were strictly confidential, to the individual and facilitator, by prior agreement.

The Results: Enhanced team cohesion and personal development planning

The presentation and Q&A session enabled participants to consider a new innovative multi-level approach to performance improvement. The simultaneous focus on both individual and team level performance inhibitors resulted in clear insights and behavioural changes.

The individual ‘EFT Potential Coaching’ sessions proved to be very effective in allowing the leadership team members to analyse, and resolve, personal performance issues in an environment of respect and trust. While many of the team had pre-booked these sessions, the early feedback about their positive impact led to these sessions being requested by several other team members.

Client Statement

“We are always striving to improve and look at best practise in the market. Working with Les allowed us to help our sales leadership team think differently and better understand the impacts “emotions” (EFT) can play on both individual and team performance in business. Les was extremely effective at engaging our people at a team (team dynamic) and individual (121 coaching), provoking positive reactions and impacts immediately in many cases. The level of professionalism and delivery of the coaching means that TMS Europe will be looking at how we roll-out a development programme including Les and his coaching through the year” Michael Hayes / Mark Freer

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